Frequently Asked Question


Our Belgian sell for $1200 dollars wether they are male or female.  That cost includes the puppy docked and dew claws removed, current on ALL vaccinations, current on a worming schedule and AKC registration.  You will also receive a puppy package with food, toys, treats and helpful tips for training. 

We have a fair amount of demand for puppies.  We highly recommend you call us and be placed on our waiting list for puppies.  That list does not require a deposit.  Once a litter is three weeks old we will begin calling on that list giving you the opportunity to pick out your puppy.  At that point once you pick out a puppy that will be yours we require a $500 dollar deposit to hold your puppy until weaning.  We shy away from people coming out to our farm to pick out puppies solely for health reasons.  We strive hard to keep your puppy free from Parvo and other diseases that could be brought onto the farm from others. 

Because the health of your puppy is very important to us, puppies cannot be handled or picked up until they receive their last set of shots at 8 weeks.  Once they are 8 weeks they will be ready for pick up!

As mentioned above once you pick a puppy out we require a $500 dollar deposit with full payment due at pick up.  Your deposit can be cash or we have a online store that uses zelle to collect that money.  It’s very simple and easy to do and have had great feedback from buyers.  Final payment is due at pick up at 8 weeks. We require cash or cashiers check verified by the bank that you have the funds.  
We understand the emotional and financial investment in purchasing a puppy and strive to keep you in the loop all along.  We will send you weekly photos of your puppy and you can watch them grow and change into a cute little corgi.  Our past buyers love this and look forward to the weekly email of their puppy!


Q: Why should I buy a Personal Protection Dog, over a weapon?

 A: A Personal Protection Dog is the only defensive weapon that can NOT be used against you. Feeling secure is extremely important, and with a Personal Protection Dog you will not only feel secure, you will be secure!

Q: I have a house alarm system. Isn’t that better than a protection dog?

A: Home alarm systems are “passive” and need to be manually activated. Our top quality Protection Dogs are always “active” and can respond at a moments notice.

Q: Can my dog be around children outside my home?

A: Our dogs can be taken to social and sporting events and safely meet children and friendly adults with no concerns for public safety.

Q: Can my children roughhouse with each other?

A: Yes, all family members are part of the ‘pack’ in the eyes of the proper dog and are therefore observed by the dog as not intimidating or a serious threat to each other.

Q: I’m in a hurry, how soon can you ship my dog?

A: We only ship “Fully-trained” dogs, ensuring that when you get your dog, you won’t have to send him back for re-training. This saves you both time and money. Depending on your exact needs, we have adult dogs that are fully trained and can be ready to be sent to you.

Q: Do you vaccinate your dogs?

A: All of our dogs are given a special European “Blood test”, which tests for rabies. Only when the results are returned and your dog is found to be completely healthy, will we ship your dog to you.

Q: What’s included with the price of the dogs?

A: With your purchase you are guaranteed to be purchasing a top quality European dog. All of our dogs are carefully chosen and bred for their socialization, temperament, drive, and intelligence.  Along with your purchase, all of our dogs are “micro-chipped” for tracking, come with a first quality travel crate and documents which show their pedigree.

Q: Can just anyone buy a dog from you?

A: No. We carefully screen clients to ensure that our dogs are going to a sound environment. We sell our dogs only to responsible adults.

Q: What kind of programs do you offer?

A: We have special programs for Women, and Child protection.

Q: Are your dogs “house broken”?

A: Yes. However when your dog arrives to your new home, you will have to adjust him to the acclimation process, which is included with your purchase.  moluccan cockatoo for sale

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: I have been in the Protection dog training business for over 30 years.

Q: I’ve often heard that big dog breeds have problems with their hips is that true?

A: Some dogs are susceptible to hip dysplasia. Our dogs are carefully screened and medically certified to be free of any hip abnormalities. We will not ship a dog that is not mentally, or physically stable.

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